The Best Places to Eat in Chicago

Chicago is a city well known for its wide variety of cuisine and limitless restaurants available for people of all tastes and budget ranges. You can find just about any kind of food to enjoy for dinner in Chicago ranging from Afghani food, Indian food, Chinese, Thai, Mexican, Italian, and so much more. If you are looking for turtle soup this article will help you find the best places to enjoy this exquisite dish. Turtle soup has recently been receiving a lot of hype and demand especially in summer when festivals are arranged for different restaurants to participate and promote their food. In these festivals many restaurants in Chicago introduced their turtle soup as the hot new item on their menu.

The first great place that I would recommend to enjoy turtle soup amongst all the restaurants in Chicago is the Parrot Cage Restaurant. This restaurant is run by the very popular institute of Chicago called the Washburne Culinary Institute. This restaurant is located on the South Shore Drive in Chicago and remains open from Wednesday till Saturday during the hours 5 pm till 9pm. On Sundays it serves brunch and offers a huge variety of soups including their very famous Louisiana – style turtle soup that has been stylishly laced with sherry. For dinner you can enjoy amazing dishes like maple – glazed pork chops, braised lamb shanks, rib – eye steaks, or mushroom fettuccini with your turtle soup. An exquisite variety of seafood is also available on the menu of Parrot Cage Restaurant. Finally with a superb selection of wines, cocktails, and desserts, this is one of the best restaurants in Chicago to enjoy turtle soup.

The second best place to enjoy turtle soup in Chicago is the Heaven on Seven Restaurant – Rush. The good thing about this restaurant is that you won’t have to wait till Wednesday for it to open. This restaurant can be visited on any day of the week and you can come here to enjoy brunch, lunch or dinner. This restaurant is located in several different places within Chicago and in some other cities as well. Their main specialty is Southern cuisine. But now they are gaining much recognition and appreciation for their delicious turtle soup too. Another great thing about this restaurant is that they also offer live entertainment on certain evenings and have a carry – out facility too. Diners can enjoy scrumptious sandwiches of crawfish and chicken. Dinner special features Mardi gras jambalaya, Louisiana crab cakes, and vegetarian black beans. Another favorite of many customers is the special Mardi gras brunch that features potatoes, ham, bacon, pork sausages, two eggs, and toast.

Finally one last place to not miss out on if you are in the mood of turtle soup is BB’s Restaurant and Pub. This place is located on the East Hubbard Street of Chicago and offers a beautiful outdoor seating arrangement along with live music and entertainment on weekends. Their turtle soup has been gaining a lot of recognition and popularity in the recent few weeks. Their dinner entrees are also amazing.

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Player Biography – Phil Hellmuth

Born in Madison, Wisconsin in 1964, Phil Hellmuth is as big as they come in the world of professional poker. Yes, his 11 WSOP bracelets have something to do with the reputation this man has built for himself seemingly effortlessly, but serious poker players know that reaching the final tables so many times over is not luck by chance.

His WSOP satellite bracelets can be readily reckoned to be more than a figure won by any other player, but Phil’s pro career also includes a win in a main event in 1989. So far, Phil has been present at more than 20 final tables of the WSOP competitions and his prize money from these events has crossed 4 millions dollars!

Phil is married and lives with his wife in Palo Alto. They have two sons. His kind of music to tune into on a regular day is ’80s and ’90s style rock and roll.

His life outside poker tables includes celebrity television show hosting, like in 2006, when Phil replaced flavor of the season Phil Gordon on the Celebrity Poker Showdown program and won lots more fans to his credit because of his down to earth presentation manner and lively wit. Of course, his moniker of ‘The Poker Brat’ didn’t really show itself in a poor light on the show because thankfully his temper tantrums were only limited to the poker tables, not television.

Yes, it is true that the ‘poker brat’ Phil Hellmuth did get into a temper and show it too in plays where his opponents would outdraw on him!

However, his phenomenal WSOP innings across 19 years of pro poker play always seem to draw the attention away from such occasional outbursts that are considered a part and parcel of talented player personalities simply living themselves out. For someone who dropped out of college in pursuit of a pro online poker tournaments career in 1988 and earned a 5th position in 7 Card Stud in the High-Lo segment of that year’s tournament, it wasn’t a bad start to better things to come, say his friends.

The next year, Phil won the main event – he was only 24 years old at the time, which made him one of the youngest players in the history of pro poker to achieve this rank. To Phil’s credit, he is counted among the 3 top players in poker history to have won 3 gold bracelets in one year and another feather in his cap is that he holds the record for 3 consecutive WSOP wins across 3 days running (April 26-28, 1993).

Thus, it is no surprise that Phill Hellmuth has turned his family name into one that is associated with pro poker as nothing short of a brand identity for bona fide player recognition, much like the aura of Michael Jordan in pro basketball! Phil Hellmuth’s attitude of “I expect great things to happen to me,” is a perspective that competitors feel brings him opportunities to live out his destiny and is the reason for his figuring 5 times in the top 10 finishes during various World Poker Tour events.

His caustic table image notwithstanding, Phill Hellmuth’s track record of $9,000,000+ in lifetime winnings from various tournament earnings, not to mention successful endorsement deals, poker books and merchandise campaigns has made him one of the prominent faces in professional poker today.

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Some of the Best Romantic Restaurants in Chicago

When compared to other big cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New York, Chicago has always been like the underdog when comparing the culinary variety in each city. But just in a few short years the chefs in Chicago have been receiving some top buzz for their exquisite food variety and dining experience that they give. Now Chicago too has joined the stream of best and most top notch restaurants in the country. If you are living in Chicago or just visiting with your loved one, you will have absolutely no problem in finding some really romantic restaurants where you can enjoy quality food with your partner. These romantic restaurants in Chicago will not only blow you away with their food but also have some breathtaking atmospheres that make it all the more worthwhile. They offer the best environments and the perfect culinary experience that you can share romantically and intimately with your loved one.

When it comes to dining no one likes to throw away hundreds of dollars on just a meal. If you are looking for casual dining you can still find some worthy restaurants to visit in Chicago that will offer more than you expected at a much affordable price. You have a whole range of romantic restaurants in Chicago that can fit any budget type. For casual dining Home Bistro Chicago is one of the best places you can visit to enjoy a rustic design and a great mix of eclectic coziness. Their chef Joncarl Lachman has an amazing way of mixing both French and American cuisines to come up with amazing dishes that has won him accolades and praises by both Timeout Chicago and Chicago Free Press.

If you are in the mood of a delicious fondue, one of the best places to visit in Chicago is the Geja’s café. This café is known as one of the most romantic cafes in Chicago and has been given great reviews in the Chicago Tribune. It is most famous for its dream – inspired chocolate fondue and its rich cheese fondue. With dim lights and flamenco players playing softly in the background, the atmosphere in Geja’s café is just perfect to enjoy a finger licking dish romantically with your loved one. All this at an affordable price makes it one of the best restaurants in Chicago for romantic meals.

If you are looking for a more exquisite meal to enjoy that is more on the expensive or moderate price range, you will not have much difficulty choosing a good restaurant. According to Chicago Tribune, Heralded is one of the most romantic restaurants in Chicago. This restaurant offers a very simple décor with delicate artwork, a comprehensive list of wines, and phenomenal range of dishes to enjoy making your evening absolutely perfect for you and your date.

Another great restaurant for romantic dinners in Chicago is Tru. The chef in this restaurant, Rick Tramonto has won several awards for his fine meals including the most prestigious James Beard Award for being the Best Chef. The options are endless.

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Best Restaurants to Enjoy in Chicago Height

Chicago Heights is a great place to enjoy for fine dining that is situation only 30 miles from the south of Chicago. Ranging from the popular Second City Improvisation Troupe to the Museum of Modern Art, Chicago Heights is the best place to visit all the big – city attraction sites. This place is also quite close to the First Midwest Bank Amphitheater where some of the largest music events are held outdoors. Along with all that you can enjoy some scrumptious and hearty meals at some of the best restaurants in Chicago Heights.

If you are visiting Chicago Heights you should definitely try out the restaurant ‘The Egg and I’. This restaurant serves breakfast, lunch, and also caters to carryout orders. You can enjoy classic breakfast at this restaurant which includes delicious biscuits, omelets, and gravy. Some other breakfast specialties on their menu include bacon waffle that has real bacon pieces in it and French toast made with crusted cornflakes. Their famous meal for lunch is the down home pot roast that includes fresh garden vegetables with mashed potatoes. They also have some great burgers including their top famous Salsa, avocado called the half – pounder that has cheddar cheese in it. The environment in ‘The Egg and I’ is quite casual with ivy baskets hanging around and wooden country – style tables and chairs for seating. Mostly customers come here in this restaurant in casual attire and it is a popular spot for families.

Schoop’s Hamburger is quite a famous franchise with restaurants in several locations including Chicago Heights. This restaurant was first opened in the year 1948 in Indiana as a small family restaurant and till today has expanded into several franchises mainly because of its fine meals. Schoop’s Hamburgers offers a décor more like diner – style featuring vintage radios, green booths, and meals being presented in simple baskets. This restaurant is also very casual and kid – friendly too making it a great place for families. It offers both lunch and dinner with great meals like their ‘Giant triple cheeseburger that has three hearty patties in it that are all smothered with melted cheese. You can also enjoy several non – burger items here like their special homemade chili soup and their fried – egg sandwich. You can also enjoy some yummy milk shakes, ice – cream floats, and sodas along with your meals.

Finally the third best restaurant to enjoy in Chicago Heights is ‘Bergstein’s NY Delicatessen’. This restaurant also has quite a casual environment but also has a more modern vibe to it. Its interior includes some dark earth tones with some bright splashes of color to give off a modern but casual family environment to their customers. You can come to this restaurant for breakfast, lunch and dinner and enjoy Swiss sandwiches, egg, and corned beef. ‘Rachel’ is their signature sandwich that includes coleslaw presented on a pretzel roll and a melted Swiss on top of turkey. You can also enjoy a wide range of fresh baked items and some home – made chips.

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Poker in Chicago

Chicago has always been a wonderful place to live and visit. In some ways it is a lot like a smaller version of New York City. It is a major shipping hub, home to people of all sorts of different cultural and economic backgrounds, and there is always something going on. When a person lives in Chicago they will be able to find something to do, weather it is walking down the pier, trying out a new restaurant, or going to a play.

While there have always been many compelling reasons for a person to visit Chicago, poker was seldom on the top of the list. In Chicago, poker was not usually something that was openly discussed, but rather a game that was played in back rooms or at people’s kitchen tables. That is no longer the case.

Over the past twenty years, it has become more socially acceptable to play poker which means that that big cities like Chicago are starting to allow people to play it more openly. Not only are residents of Chicago talking about the poker games, the city is even the host of some poker tournaments.

Chicago will most likely always be best known for their pizza and not their poker, serious poker players are going to go to Las Vegas where they can find bigger games with higher stakes. The average player, the one who only plays a few hands a day, will stay at home and play online. This does not mean that you won’t be able to find a game in Chicago, and actually, if you are a good player you will probably find that you can make a respectable living at Chicago’s tables.

If you are interested in becoming a serious poker player, you should plan on participating in the Windy City Challenge. 2010 was the second year that this particular event was held and it was the biggest poker tournament in Chicago’s history. It is the type of tournament that will help you earn respect from other poker players.

The one nice thing about Chicago’s poker tournaments is that they are generally smaller than the tournaments that are found in other cities. While the smaller poker tournaments mean that the pot is smaller, it also provides a more intimate game, and the Chicago tournaments do not last as long as they use to. The fewer people who are playing in the tournament, the faster the game is going to be over. This means that it is easier for players to participate in the tournaments and still enjoy spending time with their family and working at a full time job.

Just because the poker tournaments that are found in Chicago are often on the small side, participants should not assume that the competition will be easy. The players who play in Chicago are very serious about poker and they are really good. Any person who sits down for one of the tournaments better be prepared for a very competitive game.

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Poker News: Poker Star Announces Eureka Poker Tour

When the biggest online poker room makes an announcement about upcoming live game tours, all the pros sit up and listen! So, while making the headlines is nothing new to PokerStars, their most current live poker tour plans for organizing a poker blitzkrieg in Eastern Europe this year has to be the highlight of 2011!!

Confirmations from the website’s spokespersons about the Eureka Poker Tour launching in March with great buy-in offers that have understandably been priced at affordable rates to encourage maximum poker fans to attend it have been appreciated highly by poker pros living in the Eastern Hemisphere. This is the poker player group that most benefited from the Eastern Europe buy-in price considerations, that is, apart from the online qualifiers from different parts of the world. The upcoming Eastern Europe Tournament tickets are thus a far cry from the expensive price tags of the other Poker Star event, the EPT (European Poker Tour) which had buy-ins priced at 5,000 Euros. Ticket prices were fixed such for the Eureka Poker Tour because it was designed to cater to mid-stakes professionals as well as poker amateurs, thus the Main Event tickets will be pegged at €800.

The very first event in the tournament will be held in Prague’s Card Casino starting March 16th and finishing on the 20th of March, 2011. Apart from the Main Events, there will also be a full schedule of various side events organized as part of the Eureka Poker Tour, though the main events will be held across 4 days with a maximum of 500 players on the two starting days.

The pool prize totals when you get the latest download are predicted to be more than 250, 000 Euros, which is one of the biggest attractions of this unique tournament. The EPT Prague’s first season also covers tour stops of Slovenia (May), Bulgaria (June), Romania (To Be Decided) and the Czech Republic (in the month of December).

The details of the tour’s ranking system are still to be announced and the organizers hope to disclose these in the near future in addition to news about the leaderboard prizes as well as the structure of the tournament.

Professional poker player Luca Pagano who is a Team member went official about the EPT going international in terms of having a lot of Italian, Croatian and Romanian players in attendance when he was at the Caribbean Adventure organized by the website earlier this month. Pagano commented on the Italian Poker Tour going to Nova Gorica (Slovenia) and there being plenty of local talent there as well, which clearly indicated these countries were fast becoming natural markets for poker tournaments. He claimed this was the reason why the world’s largest poker room, PokerStars created a poker tour for these countries.

From the online satellite events of the first Eureka Poker Tour organized, which began on Wednesday, there would be plenty of qualifying options customized for players according to their bankrolls. For example, while the Main Event grants every player a chip start of 15,000 and a 60-minute blind run level, the No Limit Hold’em Turbo games will begin at 7,000 chips while the 20 minute blind levels encourage maximum participation and the Pot Limit Omaha games are pegged at €220, so the final tournament dole out in chips will be 10,000.

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How to Recognize Tells in Online Poker

The growing number of online poker players has made it even more popular than the regular casino games. One of the big differences between the traditional and online poker is that you cannot visibly see the opponents. This has a huge impact in any player’s strategy because you do not have a chance to see the opponent’s tells. Although it can also be advantageous for you, it also affects the landscape of the game. Playing online poker is never the same as the traditional poker games. For many, it can be very helpful in concealing their strategy especially tells. If you are a hardcore road gambler, you will find online poker a bit different because of the lack of physical contact. This is certainly a bad news for players who are used with the traditional poker where they can see the players tells. However, there are some few tips on how to discover tells in online poker.

First, you need to understand that the bet size is predetermined so there is actually no need to look at the bet size. It is also unusual to use time in guessing tells because online games have quicker time limits. Unlike in traditional poker where you can guess when someone is bluffing, online poker makes it really difficult to recognize bluffs so you need to be doubly careful in making your decisions.

Second, be particular with how many times he uses check-call. Usually online players tend to use quick check-call moves when they have ace high or a weak pair. Players would not make any raises down to the river and slow plays the game. It is much easier to value bet your opponent doing this strategy, but never overdo on your bluffs as he will unhesitatingly play for a showdown.

Third, when a player hesitates to raise before the flop but then suddenly checks, his hand is somewhere on the losing edge. He was thinking of betting, but his cards are not that reliable so he chooses to maintain the pace. If your cards are between a pair and an ace, you can play bluffs and get him by his throat.

Fourth, consider a less-experienced player on the other side of the table when he checks on both the flop and the turn. While experienced players can trick you into this, most often these moves say that he is still trying to figure out whether to check or raise. You can lure a player into a showdown if you’re confident on your cards.

Finally, when the poker player bets strong all throughout the game but suddenly holds back on the river. This may seem a poor game strategy as everything is almost obvious for any expert poker player. It is highly probable that the player holds a monster card and tries to play a trick on you by making it look as if he is reluctant with his cards. It would be very easy to fold when you see a call such as this one.

Over several years of playing virtual poker, these are the most common mistakes that can get players on the losing end. These moves become very obvious as you continue to play the game and battle with unknown opponents. Recognizing different online tells is very impottant if you aim to win big.

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Poker News: A Lady Leads the PokerStar Caribbean Adventure

As the PokerStar Caribbean Adventure draws to its fifth day, the number of players continues to drop and the field is limited to only the best. On Day 4, three players were kicked off from the series, leaving 22 better players vying for the first place with a guaranteed winning of $2.3 million, apart from the popularity that the ESPN airtime the players get.

Interestingly, the remaining pack is dominated by the lone lady survivor in this poker tourney, Ana Marquez. She holds the spot with a chip count of 3.8 million which is one hundred thousand more than the second place contender Chris Monekmakey. The atmosphere is permeated by the stereotypic thinking of people. Ana is slowly gaining the grasp of the game and is looking at the main event.

On the other hand, Moneymaker, a celebrated online poker superstar, has maintained his wrath in the game. He holds firm in his standing and leads all his fellow male peers towards the finish. But unlike the previous games, many of the popular names have fallen out of the game. Josh Bergman, Timothy Finne, and Nicholas Kamen are just few of the players who hadn’t made it to the next day, while notable players like Galen Hall, Chris Oliver and Bolivar Palacios will continue to play on Day 5. They will again bid for the tourney with $2-3 million at their bankroll.

The interesting duel between Philippe Plouffe and Ana Marquez instantly brought the latter into its first place rank. Ana started the day with 1.3 million at the 11th place and was able to pick few of the best pots. The momentum built up after her one-on-one clash with Plouffe. It then paved way for some of the big pots.

While Ana enjoys the earnings of the fourth day, Chris Moneymaker seats just right before her tail. He looks so thirsty for this tourney and he seem to be the most determined among all the players. Apparently, he had to make some adjustments with his ‘poor game’ performance to end well in this tournament. It would have been a great game except for the aggressive strategy that Chris Oliver had played on him. The contest between Moneymaker and Oliver ended with Moneymaker getting the better number of chips.

Thanks to a bold move that Moneymaker has called, he got one of the biggest hands of the day. Having won the 2003 WSOP championship, Moneymaker gave Oliver a taste of his fully equipped arsenal. He played on the aggressive strategy of Oliver with a meagre card of 9-9 against an upper arm of K-J-8. It would have been a sure-fire card for Oliver, hadn’t Moneymaker bet his bankroll all-in. To close the deck, Oliver instantly folded, leaving his stack of chips on the hands of Moneymaker.

Chris Oliver pulling off from drunk, managed to win some pots and ended with 3.2 million chips, giving him a place at the 22-seat fifth day. Seating comfortable in between these two big names is Dmitry Stelmak with 3.3 million. Following the top 3 leaders are Sam Stein and Mike Sowers, both are celebrated poker players who have attended several poker tourneys back in the 90’s. The excitement is intensifying as the tournament nears its close.

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A Basic Guide To Omaha Poker

For those new to the game of Omaha Poker, it is easiest to understand it as a variation of Hold ‘Em, which is a form that has changed the tables a bit. To begin with, a player will get 4 cards facing down prior to the flop in this game and must use 2 out of the hand received, combining these with 3 from the community so he or she can form the best 5 card poker hand possible.

After this move, the player is required to either throw in 8 or better the hi-low variable so that all poker players in the game are issued a challenge at every level.

It pays to remember that Omaha poker is a 9 card poker form that requires the player to the left of the blinds starting the first round of betting. Players can bet, check or raise if they continue in the game (that is, if they don’t fold their cards).

Also, in Omaha poker, all the community cards are placed bang in the center of the poker table in much the same manner as they are processed during a Texas Hold’em game, followed by betting post every round.

One the final round of betting is over, the players still in the game need to show their tags and only those who have a winning low hand will qualify to the next stage. For this, the qualifying players need to have 5 cards each with a value of 8 or less than that, minus a pair using two cards + 3 from the board.

Those with a straight or a flush will be allowed to use this for the low hand provided their hand is 8 or below as mentioned previously. The game can be decided with for a high hand, which wins the pot or if the winning hand is low, the pot may be split too.

Also, in the Omaha Hi/Lo , it is a random selection by the dealer button that determines the start position with two blinds posted to the button’s left. Remember that the small blind needs to be equal to half that of thee small fish while the big blind should equal any small fish. This action ensures both blinds are live and pot can be raised.

Nearing showdown, the best 5 card hand needs to be made using 2 cards from the player’s hand and three from the board; for high and low, it is acceptable to use different cards.

So, if a player wants to achieve a low level with this guideline, the Ace should be positioned low, otherwise it is the high hand that will win the pot.

It should be noted that a wheel (like Ace-2-3-4-5) can only be made in a low hand, in which case, neither a straight nor a flush will be counted against the player holding this hand. Furthermore, in the Omaha Poker game, the odd chip goes to the left of the buttons of both high and low pot chip.

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Dining in Chicago

One of the great things about spending your vacation in Chicago is the food. Chicago is a food lover’s dream come true. It seems like a person could spend a lifetime, eating out every night of the week, and still not exhaust all of their dining options.

Since there are so many food choices in the city, there is no reason for person to eat at the same places they dine at while they are at home. They need to make the decision to try something new. These are the kinds of things, the things that are different from regular life, which make vacations to cities like Chicago so memorable.

The thing that is so great about Chicago is that there is something for everybody. A person never knows when they are going to come around a corner and find themselves staring at a little greasy spoon restaurant that has been a family business for years. Right across the street from the little restaurant with the chipped floor and wobbly tables, there could be a restaurant that require black tie attire and will only seat people who have made a reservation. In addition to different types of restaurants, Chicago also has every ethnicity of food a person can think of.

There are two types of food that everyone has to try when they visit Chicago. The first is the hot dogs. The second is the pizza.

Chicago hot dogs are the perfect lunch when someone is walking from one tourist attraction to the next. The hot dog is huge and served on a poppy seed bun. Although you can create additional toppings and ask for some not to be added, the authentic Chicago hot dog is supposed to be topped with mustard, relish, onions, sliced tomato, and a strip of dill pickle. For some reason the hot dog always seems to taste best when it is wrapped in a piece of aluminum foil.

Chicago pizza is like no other pizza in the world. It is the gold standard of the pizzas. Some people feel that New York’s pizza is just as good, and even argue that it is better, but nobody’s mind jumps straight to pizza when someone mentions New York City like it does when someone talks about Chicago. The deep dish pizza which is piled high with toppings has been around since the tail end of the Second World War. This was about as far from the traditional Italian pizza as a person could get and still be called pizza. Italian pizzas have a thin crust as well as vegetables that are carefully sliced so they are wafer thin. The Chicago pizza is a hearty pizza, each bite requiring a great deal of chewing. The Chicago pizza defiantly has a blue collar look which is appropriate when you consider the fact that the entire city has a strong work ethic as well as blue collar ties.

While the true Chicago pizza is a deep dish, Chicago’s pizzerias have made concessions to their patron’s individual tastes and preferences. It is no possible to order a Chicago pizza that is a stuffed crust, a pan pizza, or with a thin crust.

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Learn How Probability Works In Poker

Whether you are just a beginner or an expert poker player, you need to learn the probability behind the game to win big every time you play. But before you understand how this works you need to know a little bit about probability.

Probability is a mathematical term that simply means the chances of hitting a desired combination while playing on or occurrence. This is a regular part of our life that we hardly realize. When you make a decision, probability is at work. When the traffic light changes its colour, probability is at work. Life is intertwined with probability and it is impossible to get out of its shadows. After all, life itself is the biggest testimony to random events.

Technically, probability is a major branch of mathematics that deciphers the why, when, and how unexpected things happen. This is very useful in games especially because of the randomness of events. You cannot easily predict what will happen next. However, when you know how probability works, you will most likely see what’s coming up next. Thus, you are able to choose the best option.

For example, in a set of three marbles (with one blue marble and two red marbles), the chances of picking the blue ball is only at thirty percent. This means that you will get the red ball seven times as much as the blue ball. This is particularly important if you are planning to bet on these two choices. The wiser choice would be going for the red ball because of its higher probability. The same goes with poker.

Remember that there are 52 cards in one standard deck. After the cards are dealt and the table is set, there are around 25 cards left on the deck. The remaining cards do not have a substantial effect on your chances of winning the pot. However, these cards can define who has the highest card on hand but since they are concealed you will need to depend on the cards on hand. Usually you will need to consider whether how strong your card on-hand is. If you have four aces, you are hitting at a hundred percent chances of winning. This is when you can play lots of strategies such as playing slow or obscuring your card by betting low bets. There are no more card decks higher than the one on your hand you can bet your bankroll all in. Flushes and straights are also great cards. These can give you as high as eighty percent chances of winning because of its high value in the hierarchy of card combinations. On the other hand, full house, four of a kind and two pairs has a different probability scores. This is due to the fact that the numbers also differ in their hierarchy. Royal flushes have around sixty percent chances of winning while four of a kind can give fairs around fifty percent. The remaining combinations do not guarantee a reliable win thus you need to slow down when you have them on hand. This is where you can make the most out of decision making. You can fold, raise or bluff. Whichever you end up calling, you need to evaluate the probability of your cards.

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Tips For Dodging The Rake

Every smart poker player knows the value of the huge profits of the game when played smartly. Thus, even beginners at poker are aware that the game is all about the big money!

However, there are others who simply like the community sport home poker can be and the scope of it being a fun and friendly game, like the kinds where people use M and M candy for chips or get customized cartoon faced playing cards with caricatures of pals on them!

But for those who are hard-core fans, the lure and the value of the cash poker game is nothing short of a challenge that must be taken up – sometimes at any cost! For such players, it is strongly advised that they learn the rules, strategies, techniques, theories and how to use various efficient software tools for improving their game besides proper bankroll management to ensure they protect their money and also play aggressive games, which are necessary if they want to win big!

Thus, poker education, including game tactics, tips for handling different types of player personalities (hecklers, quite and calculative ones, abusive or uncouth ones etc) and also how to avail bonuses, pick tables and continue the game is very essential to maximizing poker gaming fun.

In this article though, the main focus of poker education is aimed at teaching players how to dodge the rake. To begin with, the ‘Rake’ refers to the amount of money drawn from the pot and given to the casino (also known as the house). This is usually the card room’s payment for organizing the poker game and is the most popular way a casino makes money from hosting a variety of games.

In the live casinos, a player may be forced on the dealer button and compelled to post an extra fee for every second hand played there, but brick-and-mortar poker rooms doing this are few.

However, the common method of most card rooms taking participation costs from their players is to take a big blind from the pot and transfer this to the till directly for every hand played there.

But, the smartest choice of a poker room would definitely be a place where a player has to play a clear-cut seat rental fee for a game lasting half an hour. This is a common method for rake charge expected of poker players by card rooms that host 10-20 games or more.

Therefore, online poker rooms charging rake is a pretty acceptable feature for serious poker players and much the daily deal for internet gamblers who seek thrills and profits on a regular basis. However, there are certain ways to dodge the rake and this can mean a lot of savings for players who love to go home with their money intact.

One way to dodge the rake is to play limited games in every room since not all online casinos charge a rake for each game (most charge for every other game if they don’t follow the no flop, no drop principle). Thus, the pot percentage going to the house as rake fee can be limited to the $3 traditional amount by choosing low limit games to play in the online casino, especially those that have adopted the policy of No-flop, No-drop. This means the last raiser does not need to fold at pre-flop though everyone else does; this action causes no rake to be taken out of the pot, which is great for the player!!

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